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Energy Purchasing

The complexity of the energy market and non-energy costs, along with the daily fluctuations of the commodity price makes our knowledge vital when negotiating energy renewals. We make it easy to compare products on a like for like basis.

Our UK based Energy Consultants have access to real time energy data, giving you the most accurate and up to date information available to manage your energy budgets.


Energy management

Consider Energy has a holistic approach to energy management. Assisting our clients to save energy and ultimately money on their energy bills.

We partner with businesses to analyse usage and implement measures to reduce consumption without impacting daily operations.

Water and waste

All business, regardless of size, are now able to choose their water and waste supplier, presenting another opportunity to reduce your utility costs.

In preparation for this, our in house Water Consultants are able to advise you on how this new legislation will impact your business and how we can help manage this process for you.

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